Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Franklin Debt Relief Offers A "New Deal" For Americans

The names of Franklin and Roosevelt are legendary in American history. One was a Founding Father and the other was America's Father during the Great Depression and right up to the end of World War II. 

So it's no wonder Franklin Debt Relief uses these two monolithic figures to call attention to a revolutionary program which is aimed at easing the credit card debt burdens of overwhelmed Americans.

Franklin Debt Relief, also known as FDR, allows clients who enroll for credit card debt consolidation to negotiate settlements with lenders that can be resolved in as little as 18 months. Sometimes the settlement amount can be as high as 40% off the outstanding amount. 

That means the FDR program shares some common values which both these legendary figures believed in: everybody wins.

So if you are overwhelmed by credit card debt and need some help, go to Franklin Debt Relief and find out how recalling some of the most important figures from our past can still help us today... and tomorrow.