Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Good Acoustics

Guest post written by Grayson Staley

One of the advantages of living in a tiny studio apartment is that no matter what you're doing in it you can hear your music playing without having to turn it up really loud. I take advantage of that all the time because I live in a tiny New York City apartment.

When I first moved in I actually thought about that because in my old apartment my roommate would always complain about me turning up my music really loud in my room when I was in the kitchen. But that was just one of many problems that we had with each other. 

I got direct tv CLEAR mobile broadband bundle and started listening to my internet radio stations at a much lower volume than I normally did. But it was just as loud as I needed it to be, without me bothering my neighbors. At least I think so.

It was really nice not having to worry about where to set up my speakers becuase they're fine virtually anywhere in the apartment. But I set them up on my desk anyway so I can adjust them while I'm working at my computer.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Superhero or Superhuman?

Superhero or Superhuman?

Guest post written by Derick Burks

The day direct tv in miami offered Ironman on one of it's movie channels was the day I found my favorite superhero... but wait, is Ironman a super hero or just a superhuman? 

He certainly has the characteristics of a typical "hero", strength, special abilities, bravery...but he has a lot of the downsides of a human personality as well. He is a bit of a ladies man, bouncing from one gorgeous model type to another and oblivious to his mousy secretary's undying love for him. 

He also likes to indulge in the shadier side of human existence, smoking, alcohol, gambling, partying, selling warfare to foreign countries, all of which are certainly not the typical extracurricular activities of superheroes from the past. The means he came into his powers also is pretty unconventional, as really, he gave the powers to himself by accident while simply fighting for his life after an injury. 

He wasn't born into these powers, he didn't have them passed down from his parents, he didn't even get them while performing any type of good deed to help others. However, after all this he finds himself in the position of deciding to use his powers for his own selfish reasons or share them with the world and make it a better place.

And there lies the answer. 

He chooses to better the world we live him and solidifies himself as a superhero in my book!

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Date night at the movies

Contribution by Saul Martin
For a while, my girlfriend and I went to the movies pretty often, but we took a rest for a while because there were a lot of break-ins going on in my neighborhood, and I didn't want to leave the house empty at night. I recently bought a home security alarm from, though, so now I just set that before we go, and I feel a lot more safe about it.

Since I'm usually going with my girlfriend, we end up seeing a lot of romantic movies. That's not exactly my cup of tea, but as we all know, guys end up doing a lot of things to keep our girls happy! She is pretty nice about letting me have my way when there's a movie out that I really want to see. I prefer comedies, and she's a good sport about it. She'll even laugh at stuff I know she doesn't really think is funny just so I'll have a better time.

We usually just go to the movie theatre in the mall. It's closest to us, and there we can grab a bite to eat and maybe even do a little shopping before the movie starts. Actually, if she has her way, we might do a LOT of shopping! We usually end up going a couple of times a month, and it's always fun.