Monday, November 16, 2009

Oprah Picks Out Her Favorite Shoes At

Why is Oprah on my crimeblotter blog? Because, according to my wife, she knows a steal when she sees one!

On the Oprah website she picks out the essential shoe closet must haves for every woman, and you don't have to be Imelda Marcos to afford them. On Oprah tells us that women only need six pairs of shoes. And they shouldn't break the bank to get them on your shoe trees.

Six pairs? A quick check of my closet reveals 4 pairs, one of which I've worn to 3 weddings and a funeral. But expert Shoe Meister Adam Glassman (a hero to every husband from now on!) brings us down to earth with his 6 essentials from

First are a 2-inch black pump. For the little black dress? You betcha! Then there's the comfortable flat - preferably red. For special nights, there's the gold evening shoe and for everyday wear, don't forget the sleek, comfort sneaker. Not just a pair of gym shoes, but a pair with a little style and sexiness. Round it out with a pair of tall boots (for outdoor activities) and the all-weather boot (for indoor activities?) and you've covered all the bases. At you can find these and more at a very affordable price for such outstanding quality.

So thanks Oprah! You're a hero to me. Anyone who convinces my wife that she can have just six pairs of shoes while still looking sexy AND stylish is fighting crime in my book.

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