Monday, November 16, 2009

Oprah Picks Out Her Favorite Shoes At

Why is Oprah on my crimeblotter blog? Because, according to my wife, she knows a steal when she sees one!

On the Oprah website she picks out the essential shoe closet must haves for every woman, and you don't have to be Imelda Marcos to afford them. On Oprah tells us that women only need six pairs of shoes. And they shouldn't break the bank to get them on your shoe trees.

Six pairs? A quick check of my closet reveals 4 pairs, one of which I've worn to 3 weddings and a funeral. But expert Shoe Meister Adam Glassman (a hero to every husband from now on!) brings us down to earth with his 6 essentials from

First are a 2-inch black pump. For the little black dress? You betcha! Then there's the comfortable flat - preferably red. For special nights, there's the gold evening shoe and for everyday wear, don't forget the sleek, comfort sneaker. Not just a pair of gym shoes, but a pair with a little style and sexiness. Round it out with a pair of tall boots (for outdoor activities) and the all-weather boot (for indoor activities?) and you've covered all the bases. At you can find these and more at a very affordable price for such outstanding quality.

So thanks Oprah! You're a hero to me. Anyone who convinces my wife that she can have just six pairs of shoes while still looking sexy AND stylish is fighting crime in my book.

And thanks to for images and links.

Monday, August 31, 2009 Fights Craigslist Crime

With scammers, identity thieves and even MURDERERS turning to Craigslist to drum up fresh victims, a new web service, has been activated which plans to fight back by forcing CL posters and responders to identify themselves before any key identity info is revealed or transactions can be , well, transacted. is a subscription based service, but after browsing the web for statistics on the rise of classifieds crime, it's a subscription that is well worth the cost for those who do even minimal business on the granddaddy of them all -

The idea is simple. first verifies your identity (phone verification and voice sampling) and provides a new, unique, SECURE email address that you use to do your biz on CL. Anyone who seriously wants to transact with you must also ID themselves.

Simple... but Brilliant! is in launch phase at the moment, but this is an idea whose time clearly has come. We predict a slew of imitators, but you should sign on with the first - and the best - right away.

Here's a link for a free sign-up:

TrustMe... seriously. I'm a member myself.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bankrobber Becomes FOX Reality TV Star

Former bankrobber Charlie Mattera spent 8 years in prison repaying his debt to society. But now he pulls off a bigger crime with the debut of Househusbands of Hollywood, the latest FOX Reality Channel snore fest that supposedly follows the real lives of a bunch of guys who stay home and let the wifey earn the dough.

The lineup includes a former major league baseball player and some other guys who apparently don't care that the world is about to catch them nadless.

Who says crime doesn't pay?

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Elvis Set To Make Another Comeback

Elvis Presley returns from the dead in "Lonely Street" a film about a Private Eye who stumbles on the still living icon ensnared in a murder plot. Apparently a murder charge will blow The King's cover and he likes the way things have been going for the last 32 years.

Advance reviews have it on good authority that, although the film heads straight to DVD and NetFlix online next week, we should all get ready for Elvis mania to sweep the world once again, because Robert Patrick's impersonation is that good.

During the course of the investigation to clear his good name, Elvis gets smitten with the performance bug again and releases a new song. It's a comeback that makes the '68 Vegas show look like a tryout in Peoria. You know what they say...

The King is Dead! Long Live the King!

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Monday, August 3, 2009

Hollywood Fuels Real Life Jewel Heist In NYC

Three thieves in NYC pulled off a Hollywood style robbery with the old bait and switch on 2 clueless jewelers at good old Grand Central Station. Dressed as railroad employees the 3 created a slip and fall diversion and actually got one skinflint jeweler to believe he'd dropped 10 bucks on the floor. Retrieving the lowly Hamilton cost him and his buddy $120,000!

Cops are dubious that these 2 Bozo's could fall for such a simple ploy. And with good reason. Virtually every Diamond Center robbery these days is an inside job.

Police are asking anyone with information to call (212) 878-1000.

Butch and Sundance live on!

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

When The Bathroom Is The Scene Of The Crime...

If your house is like mine, there's a crime committed every morning... in the john.

Every CSI wannabe knows that a crime scene is better left untouched until the Detectives have a go at the evidence. That's why crime scene tape is roped up all around for awhile... too keep civilians away.

And now you can have the same kind of professionalism right in the home. String this Crime Scene toilet paper tape up around the doorway and you're guaranteed to keep the clues fresh for as long as possible.

Just make sure the boys from the morgue clean up after themselves.

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Serial Thief Targets Tanning Salons In Washington State

According to a serial bandit has been targeting Tanning Salons in the Everett area. Must be big business up North if they're holding on to that kind of cash.

Here's a surveillance photo of the suspect.

Maybe he should think about just taking it out in trade.

Anyone with information about the man or the robbery is asked to call the sheriff's office tip line at 425-388-3845.

Or the Actor's Guild.

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Friday, May 29, 2009

Mug Shots On MySpace

According to CNet a knucklehead in S.C used his MySpace page to boast about robbing a bank - and it got him nabbed for felony robbery.

Does this mean that Social Networking is now a tool for criminals?

Here's the update that got him a shot at life in prison:

"One in the head still ain't dead!!!!!! On tha run for robbin a bank!!!!! Love all of yall."

Hey! that's like 90 keystrokes...

Shoulda used Twitter.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kidnapper Takes Kidnappee To Disney World

ABC News reports that Philadelphia mother Bonnie Sweeten made a fraudulent report to the police that she and her 9-year old daughter had been abducted and locked into the trunk of a car for 2 days. Later, it was determined that she had in fact, made up the story and actually took her daughter to Disney World.

In an interview on Good Morning America, her husband was at a loss for her behavior. But friends of the woman have reported that she was recently charged with allegedly absconding with $300,000 of her employer's money.

Pundits attribute her tale to a phenomenon known as "ostension" - fictionalizing real life events based on plots from books, movies and TV shows.

Hey Bonnie! You just stole $300,000 and faked your own kidnapping! What are you going to do now?

"I'm going to Disney World!

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Help! Someone Has Copied My Blog!

Ho Lian-Yi at AsiaOneDigital found out the hard way that there's a new way of being victimized by crime:

Blog Theft

Mirror site lifting has hit even the small blogger, destroying reputations and severely impacting sales and revenue.

Are the days of honestly stealing from each other over? Hope not... otherwise, I'm out of a job.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mobster? Actor? What's The Difference?

Real Man web mag AMOG debates who is tougher - the real life Mafia bad guy or the actor who played them in the movies?

Sorry. Nicky "The Bull" Santoro didn't make the cut. Although Joe Pesci played him brutally and brilliantly, Santoro was a fictional character.

For my money, the actor is the real tough guy. So far the track record for realistic portrayal is pretty good. On the list are the likes of Joe Valachi (Charles Bronson) Al Capone (Robert DeNiro) and Bugsy Siegel (Warren Beatty). Imagine if they played these guys like pansies... sure, they would have been an even bigger hit... 

Oh. Now I get it...

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President Obama Knows His Sci-Fi

According to Harper's Magazine, President Obama is a Philip K.Dick fan. So much so in fact, it looks like he's buying into his whole "Pre-Crime" theory.

Are we in for a real life "Minority Report" scenario?

Rachel Maddow thinks so.

I guess the new criminal mantra is "I will be innocent!"

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

FOX Goes "Mental" Tonight

American Idol is over for another year. So what to do with Tuesday night? Hang in there.

FOX is debuting a new series, "Mental" in AI's time slot and it looks intriguing. A psychiatrist gets inside his criminal patient's heads to cure them. And what he finds is a lot scarier than mental illness.

I can just imagine the pitch meeting: "Think 'House' meets 'Lie To Me'...


I don't know if the new TV series will fill the hole left by Adam Lambert, but I'll give it a shot. What are the chances one of the patients will be a brilliantly talented "Broadway/Glam Rock" Elvis lookalike with an identity crisis?

Pretty slim... but it would be killer.

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Robert Downey Jr. IS Sherlock Holmes

Robert Downey, Jr. is bringing a new Action Hero to the screen. Forget Iron Man - this new character has a deep history of fighting crime... none other than Sherlock Holmes himself.

Downey plays Holmes like a bohemian circa 1960s East Village... a little bit of charisma, a little dirt and a whole lotta drugs. It's about time Holmes got an update. 

This is not your daddy's Sherlock Holmes. Watch the trailer and see for yourself.

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How to Be a Good Crime Witness

Here's an article on about being a good witness if you observe a crime being committed. 

Who knew there were rules?

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Hollywood Babylon Remembered

Remember Hollywood Babylon?

The Kenneth Angers graphic tome really raised the bar on following Hollywood Stars - all the way to the grave.

Recently a Hollywood Babylon III was released - without Anger's blessing. 

Too bad. It's got all the good stuff. Without the snark. 

Isn't that just like Hollywood?

If it aint fixed, don't break it.

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Scene Of The Crime Tips And Tricks By Deimos Tel`Arin

Have you been to The Scene Of The Crime yet?

If not, I highly recommend checking it out. You can get lost in it for hours... even days. Seriously. I'm addicted. It's as close to being a real Film Noir Private Eye type as it gets - complete with spooky atmospherics, crackling lightning strikes and tantalizing clues. And, oh yeah, dead guys.

Deimos Tel`Arin knows all about it. Literally. He's put up a site with all the secrets laid out for those who find themselves scratching their heads. Or just impatient. If you're stuck, check out his site and break the logjam.

After all, if you can't do the time, don't do the crime.

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

THE FIRST 48- TV's Most Awesome Show

Is there a better show on TV then THE FIRST 48?

I don't think so. The A&E TV series follows homicide detectives around as they solve their murder cases, always with the age-old saying in the back of their heads, "The best time to solve a murder is within the first 48 hours."

Naturally, a few of the fllatfoots have become celebrity cops. Topping the list is Dallas Detective Eddie Ibarra, known for his brilliant mangling of the English language. But the Detective I dream of meeting one day (on a non-professional basis of course) is Tuscon Detective Jennifer Whitfield.

Here's a shot of her in a light moment, sans glasses. 

Watch out when she puts them on.

Learn... and live.

Q&A with Atlanta crime fighter Kyle Keyser

Check out this fascinting Atlanta Journal Constitution interview with crime victim turned Anti-Crime Activist Kyle Keyser.

Crime magnate or crime magnet?

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Amber McFarland Alert

Have you seen Amber McFarland

Her family is very worried about her since she disappeared last October from the Manitoba area.

Help our neighbors to the North and call 800 222 8477 if you know anything about the whereabouts of Amber McFarland.

Here's a video of Amber McFarland the night she disappeared.

Learn... and Live.

Protecting yourself from holiday crime

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- As you keep an eye on grilling your hot dogs and burgers this Memorial Day weekend, Knoxville Police warn crooks could be watching your car.

Between the food and fun, it's easy just to toss aside your purse, iPod, or other valuables.

While police say crime doesn't necessarily rise during the long weekend, that doesn't mean you shouldn't protect yourself.

Police say crooks have broken into cars just because they could see spare change.

Knoxville Police say robbers broke into cars more than 20 times during last year's holiday weekend.

"I don't think it's really any sort of crime spree," Knoxville Police Lieutenant Shawna Williams said.

In fact, police say that's about a typical weekend. But police warn crooks could cruise crowded parking lots more unnoticed.

"Among the people doing the right thing, there are people that do prey on moments of opportunity," says Williams.

Police say don't leave any a valuables in your car, and don't stuff them in your trunk either.

"Suspects in vehicle break-ins will watch someone put valuables in their truck and some of the newer cars have a trunk release."

And police warn don't give hints what could be in your car.

Watch out for suction cup rings on any car windows, where you might keep your GPS. Police say clean it off before crooks clean you out, keep your valuables on you, and recommend a backpack.

"It doesn't really interfere with your activity. And people would have to get pretty close to you to unzip it."

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Police hope "Blotter on Demand" solves cold cases

(NECN: Brian Burnell: Hartford, Conn.) - Comcast Cable is joining the Connecticut State Police in an effort to solve cold cases. They're using the power of television to ask for your help.

Comcast is providing space on its digital tier On Demand for "Police Blotter on Demand". The state police have put together profiles of 10 unsolved cases going back 30 years or more, in the hope that what they call "armchair detectives" see something that sparks a memory and leads to an arrest.

Where's Ironsides when you need him?

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Chuck Norris Poster Deters Croatian Crooks

After being broken into on a nearly weekly basis, the bakery displayed a poster of Chuck Norris with the caption: “This shop is under the protection of Chuck Norris.”

Since the sign was added to the shop a month ago, there have been no burglaries.

Chuck Norris himself posted on his Web site that he is glad to provide a service to the bakery, however remote, and that he may visit in the future to help reinforce the message that theft is never welcome.

Even a Chuck Norris poster can kick the crepe out of you.

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Cyber Crime Stoppers

It’s now possible to contact Crimestoppers by texting or emailing anonymous tips.

FYEO it was mrs pcock w/wrench n the library – HTH xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

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